Mission... Highly Improbable:
Avengers Merchandise

In this section, I've tried to pull together information on as much Avengers merchandise as I've been either able to collect myself;  that I've seen in person or on the internet, or that I've read about from various sources.  This guide is by no means comprehensive, so if you have definite information on something that I don't know about please get in touch.  Also, please feel free to prod me if you think I've missed out something painfully obvious. The plan is for this to eventually to become as definitive a source as time allows.  Oh, and as for how much any of this stuff is worth, its worth what somebody is prepared to pay for it.  I've been incredibly lucky in my Avengers collecting, and have also enjoyed the kindness of one or two people.  Especially my cousin, Derek Wilson, the incomparable Geoff Barlow, and superfan, Ian B.  Take a bow, Gentlemen.

The links on the right are fairly self-explanatory; new material will be added as I find it.  Some of it is not quite ready, but will be very very soon.  Keep checking in.


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