The Avengers - Dead Duck
Wanted List

  • The thing I most crave is information - I think the content of Deadline is testament to that.
  • Copies of articles, especially those from the 60s, or even references to those articles so that I can attempt to get hold of them will be most welcome.
  • Copies of the various comic strips - e-mail me using the link below for my current wants list. Have a look at The Avengers Illustrated to see the kind of material I've collected.
  • I'm also interested in audio and video rarities - interviews, trailers, advertisements, unseen footage etc.  I have a large selection of video material, including such treats as the Diana Rigg shorts Diadem and The Mini-Killers, the 1963 TV Personality of the Year show with Macnee & Blackman, This Is Your Life Patrick Macnee, The New Avengers British Leyland short etc etc.  If you think you have something unusual that I'd like to see, get in touch.

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