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The Avengers Winfield Paper Pad

This little beauty turned up on eBay recently.  It's a basic blank tablet with a pictorial cover.  It was published in 1963 by Winfield (an imprint of F.W. Woolworth - who were to be the sole distributors of the Peel era jigsaws a year or two later).  The picture on the front looks like it was taken during the filming of the episode 'Build A Better Mousetrap', and as such is one of very few known colour photographs taken during the videotape years of the show.

Given that this exists, it would be interesting to know two things.  Namely, was this part of a more extensive Avengers range of stationery, or was it part of a range which took in other UK TV Action Adventure shows such as Danger Man and The Saint during the time?  If you have any more information on this, please get in touch.