The Avengers - Dead Duck
Bootleg toys from The Avengers

The second version of the Emma Peel doll should, of course, be on this page, but it sits so snugly in the dolls section that I thought I'd leave it there.   Go and have a look at it by all means.

These next two items were presumably made by the same, industrious, Avengers fan and well done, say I, they are rather charming.  (Get in touch if you're reading this, I'm intrigued as to whether you've produced any other Avengers mock-ups).   They were available at some toy fairs a few years back, and now a couple have shown up at eBay.  They are, of course, fake.  But quite wonderfully fake!

Fake guns from The Avengers

The first item is charmingly referred to as The Cathy Gale Garter Gun, as seen in some of the earlier episodes of the series (somebody please put me out of my misery and tell me which ones).  The second is a mock-up toy of the gun Mrs Peel uses in the opening credits of the colour episodes - there are also gold versions of this gun, with a pearl handle.