The Avengers - Dead Duck


2.  The Tara King Doll

These were, apparently, made without copyright clearance in the early 70s, as part of a set along with dolls of Nurse Janice Rand from Star Trek, Agent 99 from Get Smart and Miss Moneypenny from the James Bond films.  They were then advertised for sale in the back of a magazine, but the copyright cops caught up with the manufacturer who was forced to take them off the market.  Those left unsold were donated to charity.    According to the blurb on one up for sale on eBay recently, 'about 45 sets were kept and sold to one person'. This person has now sold them on.  The copy on the front says "Tara Kins of The Avengers Fame".  I'm not sure about this item - it seems too easy to fake something by photocopying a label and sticking it to the front of a box for a doll that could almost conceivably be Tara King.  I also read that they had come from Japan.  I suppose the capper would be to find the original magazine advert.  Any suggestions?

The 'Tara King' doll with box



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