The Avengers - Dead Duck


According to Dave Rogers' book 'The Ultimate Avengers', these were manufactured by 'Thomas, Hope and Sankey exclusively for Woolworth's in 1966.', and featured scenes either from, or approximate to, The Grave-Diggers, The Town Of No Return, The Masterminds, Death At Bargain Prices and Castle De'Ath.

Thanks to Andy Rowe (check out the links section for details of his Doctor Who comic strips website) some information has been shed on the identity of the artist who painted the jigsaws.  According to a piece in a vintage issue of Dr. Who Magazine, he is Bolton-based Walter Howarth, who painted many of the photo-realistic covers of World Distributors' TV-based annuals, as well as jigsaws devoted to such swinging 60s icons as the Alberts Steptoe and Tatlock, The Beatles and The Daleks.  Also, according to the article (written by Chris Howarth and Steve Lyons), Thomas, Hope and Sankey, the jigsaw's manufacturer was Manchester-based, as were World Distributors.

Click on either the right quarter of the picture, or the textual link below, to go to larger scans of the fronts of the boxes for each of these four jigsaws.

Avengers Jigsaws - back view

In The Basement

Archery Practice

Castle De'Ath

No Escape