The Avengers - Dead Duck


1.  The Emma Peel Doll (Versions 1&2)

The 'Official' doll

The 'Bootleg' doll with box

The 'Bootleg' doll

There isn't a great amount of information available about these dolls.  The Emma Peel doll was apparently made by the Fairylite company, although the packaging doesn't detail this.  (Fairylite also produced some Stingray-related material).  The look of the packaging is extremely amateurish and seems to suggest that it could have been issued without the authority of ABC, although their name does appear on the packaging.  The Dave Rogers book, 'The Ultimate Avengers' goes into some detail describing this item.  He states that it was made in Hong Kong and that "this was a 10in high plastic doll, dressed in black leather trousers, a short black woollen coat, white rollneck sweater and black plastic boots.  The outfit was loosely based on the PVC airman's outfit worn by Diana Rigg in A Surfeit of H2O, and came complete with a plastic base and a metal strut to support the doll when standing.  The figure is shown holding a gun in her right hand.  Other outfits are contained in the package.  These range from two further pairs of trousers, one of brown plastic, the second in dark grey wool; a white plastic tunic; a black plastic coat; a white plastic rainer (trimmed in black); and a pair of black mittens."

Another correspondent has seen a version of the doll, "the rather "silly" purple and white outfit Diana Rigg wore in one of the tag scenes shot at Beaulieu".  Having now seen a scan of this item (see pics above) it would appear that this is the bootleg version produced in 1993 according to 'The Ultimate Avengers'.  The wording reads 'New EMMA PEEL DOLL'.  Apologies for the quality of one the scans above; many agents died to bring you this information.

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