The Avengers - Dead Duck


On Target
Volume Three Number One
Undated (approx. June 1986)


  • Intros and Exits. Macnee-Rigg Colour Series. Uncredited, but probably Dave Rogers. Fourteen pages. A fictional biography of John Steed, including information from Tim Heald's 'Authorised biography' and the tv shows.
  • The Avengers Survey. David Tanner. Two pages. Various Avengers-related questions are answered.
  • The Avengers Files. Tim Hammell. Two pages. A review of the US 'cut and paste' magazines.
  • Trivia With A Vengeance. Uncredited. Three pages. Reprint of a piece from the September 1st 1985 issue of Newsweek.
  • Curry A La Carte. Four pages. Stephen and Joy Curry. Regular information on the current activities of various Avengers luminaries.

    On Target Volume Three Issue Two