The Avengers - Dead Duck


On Target
Volume Three Number Two


  • Emma P. as Modesty B? Author unknown. One page. Reprinted from Comics Collector magazine. Peter (?) O'Donnell on the suitability of Diana Rigg for the part of Modesty Blaise.
  • Vengeance Is Theirs: 'On the road with Steed, Purdey and Gambit'. Doug Fetherling. Two pages. Reprinted from 'a Canadian newspaper'. Canadian overview of The Avengers.
  • A Blonde Is A New Avenger. Author unknown. Half a page. Reprinted from an unknown source (either North American or Australian). Quick overview of The New Avengers.
  • Look, Stop Me If You've Read This, But... Graham P. Williams. Two pages. Regular opinion column.
  • Exit The Avengers. David Tanner. Two and a half pages. Details the Season Four tag scenes.
  • Be Seeing You. Author unknown (could be from a later issue of En Garde). Three pages. Fanfic detailing hypothetical meeting of The Avengers and The Prisoner.
  • Time Out! Gordon Donaldson. Three pages. Reprinted from TV Guide (Canada). A contemporary look at the filming of the Canadian New Avengers episodes.
  • Karate Couture. Author unknown. Three pages. Reprinted from New Zealand TV Weekly. Review of the Alun Hughes Avengers fashion show.
  • Now Mr McSteed Shows His McKnees. Author unknown. One page. Reprinted from TV World. A look at the fashions in the episode Castle De'Ath (and at what a Scotsman wears under his kilt).
  • A Review of The Avengers Stage Show. Paul A. Thomas. Three Pages. Also includes excerpts from some press reviews.
  • Macnee On Wogan. Four pages. Transcribed by Richard Hoare. Transcription of Macnee interview from Wogan TV show of 25/2/83.

    On Target All-Interview Special