The Avengers Noon Doomsday


The Cybernauts by Peter Cave

Published by Futura Publications in 1977, this was the fifth New Avengers paperback.  It was published in the USA by our good friends at Berkeley Medallion.  The story is based on the screenplay for the TV episode, The Last Of The Cybernauts...?, which was written by Brian Clemens.  The book is called The Cybernauts on the cover, and Last of the Cybernauts on the title page.  There was also a hardcover edition of this published in the UK.

From the back cover of the UK edition:


Cumbersome, colossal and deadly, they were metal robots emerging from a past everyone had believed dead: controlled by a man whose horrible mutilations in a car accident had turned him into a monster, half flesh, half machine.

This is the enemy the Avengers, Steed, Purdey, and Gambit have to face when they discover that Professor Mason, Britain's leading expert on cybernetics  has been forcibly abducted from one of the most heavily guarded security establishments in the country.

UK: 65p.


The New Avengers - The Cybernauts UK cover

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