The Avengers Dead Duck


Hostage by Peter Cave

Published by Futura Publications in 1977, this was the third New Avengers paperback.  It was published in the USA by our good friends at Berkeley Medallion in December, 1978.  The story is based on the screenplay for the TV episode, To Catch A Rat, which was written by Terence Feeley.  There are some doubts about the existence of a hardback version of this adaptation..

From the back cover of the UK edition:


Why is everyone in Security suddenly concerned about the possible outcome of a fight to the death between Gambit and John Steed?
Who is leaking vital secrets from inside one of the most heavily guarded establishments within the Department?  When the clues finally point, without a shadow of a doubt, to one man, it is Gambit who gets the order: Kill John Steed on sight.   Only Purdey can clear up the web of mystery and reveal why Steed has stolen important defence secrets.  And Purdey is missing.

Price 60p.


The New Avengers - Hostage - UK cover

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