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The Magnetic Man by Norman Daniels

This was the fourth US-sourced Avengers paperback, and the third to feature Tara King.  First published by Berkley Medallion Books in December, 1968, the cover-style for this and for the next book, Moon Express, was used for the second editions of the John Garforth-written Mrs. Peel books.  Its worth noting that this book features Mrs. Peel on the cover but she does not appear in the text.  As far as I know, this was the only edition of it in any language.  If anybody has come across translations of it, please let me know.  If you can supply a scan of the cover even better.

From the back cover:

Super-agent JOHN STEED goes to Hong Kong to pick up a suitcase filled with valuable papers.   Steed is in Hong Kong less than an hour when he's knocked unconscious, and the contents of the case are mysteriously switched - to a huge sum of money!

Back goes Steed to London.  There, he and Tara King set to work baiting a trap for the owners of the fantastic fortune foisted off on him - a trap that almost snaps shut on The Avengers themselves!



The Avengers - The Magnetic Man
The Magnetic Man

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