The Avengers Dead Duck


Series Two: The Avengers in Color
  • Released July 1993
  • Number of cases printed: 675
  • Full color cards
  • Standard set 99 cards with common border
  • Chase cards: none
  • Promo cards:
  • B1a - B9a (nine cards total). First printing low-resolution and color problems; very few released because of this. Only limited numbers (perhaps 100 sets) of B1a-B7a were released through customer mailings
  • B1b - B7b: 2nd printing; high-resolution, approximately 1,500 sets were printed. Most were distributed free at conventions and through mailings.
  • To further complicate matters, B2a, B4a & B5a cards from the first printing have different photos than those used for B2b, B4b & B5b in the second printing.
  • B8b: Specially produced "thank you" card for 100 of our best customers. Only 100 numbered copies produced.
  • B9b: Specially produced "thank you" card for those that helped with the Avengers In Color cards release. Sent to several of the feature stars of the show, major wholesale customers, the licensor and to the author of the card text. Only 10 numbered copies produced.

This information was taken, with permission, from Cornerstone Communications' Inside Trader Number One.

The Avengers Series Two Box

Series Two: The Avengers in Color - Promos