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The Avengers Anew by Dave Rogers
(Published 1985 by Michael Joseph Ltd, 120 pages, 5.95.  Softcover).

Foreword by Patrick Macnee, New Avengers episode guide, How The Avengers fared in the USA, Selected excerpts from original shooting scripts, Avengers stand-ins and doubles, The Avengers' cars, Production and Transmission dates for Seasons Two to Six, Subtitles quiz, Updated Merchandise Guide and a list of actor who ever appeared in the cast list of the show.

Unique Selling Point:
Filled in the some of the gaps in the first Rogers Avengers book.

Was mostly concerned with The New Avengers, but still needed Diana Rigg on the cover to help sell it.

To follow.

The Avengers Anew by Dave Rogers, 1985

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