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The Avengers Files: Seasons One and Two by John Peel
Published 198? by New Media Books Inc, 84 pages, 9.95.  Softcover).

Season One and Two Episode Guides, Dr Keel and John Steed character profiles, Ian Hendry, Patrick Macnee and Honor Blackman biographies, Patrick Macnee interview.

Unique Selling Point:
There isn't a single photograph from Season One used to illustrate Season One and the photos of Ian Hendry are all from Police Surgeon.  You've got to admire such bare-faced cheek.

This is identified as a magazine on the cover, but at $9.95 (in the 80s - imagine what it would cost now!) and square bound I make it a book.

Don't waste your money on this or any of its ilk.

The Avengers Files: Seasons One & Two by John Peel

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