The Avengers - Dead Duck


Stay Tuned
Volume Three Issue One
July 1996.


  • Whoops!. Wayne Beckett. Three pages. Bloopers in the early Honor Blackman episodes.
  • Did You Miss...? Dave Rogers. Two pages. A catch-up on The Avengers in the media.
  • Miniature Marvels: The Corgi Gift Set #40. Richard Bond. One page. A look at this lovely piece of merchandise (and a photo of the never-issued New Avengers Gift Set).
  • The Chiffon Avenger: An Appreciation. Rhys Meredith. Two pages. Yay, Tara!.
  • Tidbits. Dave Rogers. Three pages. Reprints of teeny weeny bits of Avengers press material.
  • Patrick Macnee is John Steed. Harry Harris. Two and a half pages. Reprint of a piece from 'Chicago's Sunday American'.
  • From Lear to Leer. Stanley Price. One and a half pages. Reprint from The New York Times, March 13 1966.

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