The Avengers - Dead Duck


Stay Tuned
Volume Three Issue Two
October 1996.


  • "They'll be back... you can depend upon it!" But Can We?. Dave Rogers. Seven pages. Ruminations on the impending movie.
  • Not So Much A Feature - More A Kick In The Rump. Martin Needham. One a bit pages. Reprint of review from The Guardian by Stuart Jeffries and a response to it.
  • The Avengers - Stoned Immaculate. Richard Bond. One page. Review of a Steed figurine.
  • Finders Files. Various authors. Three pages. Reprints of various press pieces about The Avengers.
  • Don't Quote Me - But... Diana Rigg Was Heard To Say. Dave Rogers. One page. Various Diana Rigg quotations.
  • Whoops! Part Two. Wayne Beckett. Three pages. Bloopers and errors from The Mauritius Penny to Man In The Mirror.
  • The Webbed Avenger. Gareth Humphries. Two pages. The Avengers on the web in October 1996.
  • Watch With Mother. Richard Bond. One page. Watch 'The Frighteners'.

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