The Avengers - Dead Duck


Stay Tuned
Volume Two Issue Two


  • Return of the Avengers. Dan Lees. Three pages. Reprinted from The Western Daily Press. More musings on a potential Avengers film.
  • The Man With The Baton. Dave Rogers. Nine pages. An interview with Laurie Johnson.
  • A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Script Conference (or Two's A Crowd Spells Double Trouble). Graham P. Williams. Four pages. Behind the scenes of Season Four continued.
  • Curry A La Carte. Stephen & Joy Curry. Three pages. Regular information on the current activities of various Avengers luminaries.
  • Mrs Peel's Wheels. Mark Ginsburg. Two pages. Reprinted from Vanity Fair. Diana Rigg test drives the new Lotus Elan.

    Stay Tuned Volume Two Issue Three