The Avengers - Dead Duck


Stay Tuned
Volume Two Issue Three


  • British-Made Series is Tongue-in-Cheek. Dave Rogers. One page. Short introduction to reprints of reviews (below).
  • The Avengers Makes U.S. Bow. Harry Harris . One page. Reprint of a piece from The Philadelphina Inquirer, March 1966.
  • Avengers Is Unveiled By A.B.C. Vincent Canby. Half a page. Reprint of a piece from The New York Times, March 1966.
  • Good-Chap Sexuality. Author unknown. One a half pages. Reprint of piece from Newsweek, March 1966.
  • Review: 'Too Many Targets'. Geoff Barlow. One page. A review of the Dave Rogers / John Peel Avengers novel.
  • What A Way To Take A Trip. John Mansfield. Six pages. Revised reprint of a piece from En Garde #5 detailing a fan's visit to the studio to see The Avengers being filmed.
  • En Garde. Richard Schultz. Four pages. Reprint of a piece from En Garde about The Avengers being cancelled.
  • A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Script Conference (or When Is A Tag Not A Tag?). Graham P. Willams. Three pages. A behind the scenes look at the tag scenes for Season Four.
  • The Avengers: Not Forgotten But Gone. James Harris. One page. Why the show can never be recreated.

    Stay Tuned Volume Two Issue Four