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The Drowned Queen by Keith Laumer

Published by Berkley Medallion Books in June, 1968, this was the second US-sourced Avengers paperback, and the first to feature Tara King.  As far as I know, this was the only edition of it in any language.  If anybody has come across translations of it, please let me know.  If you can supply a scan of the cover even better.

From the back cover:

Can even The Avengers prevent sabotage on the maiden voyage of the "Atlantic Queen," the first submarine luxury liner?

As cover for this assignment, British agent John Steed is ship's dancing instructor, while his beautiful new partner, Tara King, travels as ship's physiotherapist.

Surrounded by suspicious characters, such as the so-called magician's assistant, Miss Goldspangle, the ill-fated Mr. Funfinger, and that booming battle-ax Mrs. Thwaite-Funderpump, Steed and Tara make their hazardous way through various red herrings - and scaly green mermen - STRAIGHT INTO THE JAWS OF DEATH!


The Avengers - The Drowned Queen cover
The Drowned Queen

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