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The Avengers Files by Andrew Pixley
Published 2004 by Reynolds and Hearn, 360 pages, £15.99.  Softcover.

"Between 1949 and 1978, undercover security agent John Steed saved the nation from such diverse threats as dope smuggling and extortion to rampaging androids and killer pussy cats.
Accompanied by colleagues such as Dr. David Keel and Dr. Martin King, anthropologist Catherine Gale, night club singer Venus Smith, business tycoon Emma Peel, former actress Tara King, reformed mercenary Mike Gambit and ex-ballerina Purdey, this crime-busting team were known throughout the counter-intelligence world as The Avengers.
Compiled with access to official documents and surveillance films, The Avengers Files celebrates the amazing adventures of these heroes and the skills which made them a force to be reckoned with."

Unique Selling Point:
Renowned TV archival journalist Andrew Pixley's first book on The Avengers is presented in a unique and innovative way..


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The Avengers Files by Andrew Pixley, 2004

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