The Avengers - Dead Duck


On Target
Volume Two Number Two
Undated (approx. June 1985)


  • The Cybernauts. Dave Tanner. Four pages. An over view of the three episodes featuring the tin-can menaces.
  • Comic Strip: Cathy Gale. Reprint of one installment of 'The Runaway Brain' strip from Look Westward.
  • File On An Avengerphile - Part Two. Geoff Barlow. Three pages. The Author of 'The Saga Of Happy Valley' continues his piece on what it was that attracted him to The Avengers.
  • Brought To Book: The Eagle's Nest. Graham P. Williams. Two pages. Review of The New Avengers book.
  • Music and The Avengers. Franck Leprince. Four pages. An appraisal of Laurie Johnson's music for the original series.
  • Look, Stop Me If You've Read This, But... Graham P. Williams. Four pages. Regular opinion column.
  • Curry A La Carte. Two pages. Stephen and Joy Curry. Regular information on the current activities of various Avengers luminaries.

    On Target Volume Two Issue Three