The Avengers - Dead Duck



7" Vinyl

The Londonairs - Dearest Emma (Decca F12379, 1966). This record was reportedly pulled before it was released due to the unauthorised use of the first few bars of the Laurie Johnson version of The Avengers Theme. Certainly, the copies I have seen have both been promotional copies. It was due for release both in the UK (on Decca) and in the USA (on London) and The Londonairs appeared on 'Thank Your Lucky Stars' to promote it. (The footage of which still exists, although I haven't seen it).
Singalong with The Londonairs - lyrics for this song are available here.

Uncle Sam and The War Machine - Spy Girl (Blue Onion, BO-103, date unknown). The eBay listing for this contained the following: "THIS IS A WILD ONE !- A 60's CLEVELAND,OHIO GARAGE band recorded an Emma Peel tribute tune! - "Spy Girl" by Uncle Sam & The War Machine.On the Blue Onion label. Of course, Diana Rigg was the actress who made the character so popular in The Avengers TV series of the 60's. INCLUDES a lyric sheet ! - ( Karate world, leather clothes ETC !) Unreal." Make of that, what you will.

12" Vinyl

Laurie Johnson Orchestra - The Big New Sound Strikes Back Again (Pye NPL 18103, February 1965). Features 'The Shake', an early version of The Avengers Theme, and some remarkably prescient sleeve notes by Laurie Henshaw: "...a Laurie Johnson original evocative of high drama on the TV or film screen. The crisp piano solo is by Harold Wood." (So now you know!)

Compact Disc

The Shake was available on a free CD which came with initial quanities of the first volume of the UK 'Parallel Lines' video releases.

Decca F12379 (UK 7")











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