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"Mrs. Peel, wir werden gebraucht!" by Franziska Fischer
(Published 1996 by Bertz (Edition Splitscreen 3), 120 pages, 29.90DM.  Softcover).

Vorwort, Die Avengers-Story, Die Stars, Die, Erfolgsformeln, Mrs. Peel, sie werden immer noch gebraucht! - Ein Nachwort, Avengers-Kult in Deutschland - Der Fanclub, Die 187 Folge - Ein Episodenführer, Literaturverzeichnis.

Unique Selling Point:
The only Avengers book in German.  So far.

This looks really interesting, but my constantly atrophying skills in German can't handle much of it.  I'd love to be able to read a translation of the section that deals with the more theoretical and academic aspects of the show.

A plea here for an intelligent and literate, preferably German (all the better to sniff out cultural conceits), fan to write the review of this book.  (In German AND English, if possible).

"Mrs. Peel, wir werden gebraucht!" by Franziska Fischer, 1996

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