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The Avengers by Douglas Enefer

Published by Consul Books, this was successful enough to have been reprinted by November of 1963.  It cost half a crown..

From the back cover:
"Britain's most successful television thriller series - THE AVENGERS.  (A.B.C. TELEVISION).  Based on the television series which has thrilled millions, Douglas Enefer's new novel, presenting those same characters you have come to know on the television screen, brings the kind of reading pleasure that is only rarely available.  Those characters who have thrilled millions on television, now between the covers of a thrill-a-page novel."

Review (of sorts):
Now this is a treat.  Actually, I'm lying as I've never managed to read all the way through this book.  Even in those dark days when no Honor Blackman episodes were available to watch.  It's got Steed in it, it's got Mrs Gale in it, it's even got One-Six in it, but sadly not Venus Smith.   It's also got a character in it called Margaret Allington, which I presume is a back-handed compliment to ultra-English crime writer Margery Allingham.  It was successful enough to go to two printings in November 1963, mind you.  And originated here in Swinging Manchester, at 36 Great Russell Street in the offices of World Distributors Ltd, purveyors of stinking heaps of turgid 60s TV related annuals and paperbacks.  This was published under their adult imprint of Consul and, as the cover shows, cost a whole shiny half-a-crown.  More on Douglas Enefer with the Autumn update.

The Avengers - Douglas Enefer front cover
The Avengers by Douglas Enefer

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