The Avengers Dead Duck


For many years, the only Avengers merchandise available to the desperate fan outside of the almost impossible to find original 60s items were a handful of postcards, some non-related record covers and Dave Rogers' books. When Cornerstone announced the release of their Avengers trading cards back in 1992, one could have been forgiven for expecting the worst - badly chosen images, slap-dash graphics and information lifted wholesale from those terrible 'Files' books which were stinking up bookshops all over the place. (Quality control was not always the watchword for card manufacturers). Instead, the opposite happened - the cards looked fantastic - even though the original set was only available in black and white it was not treated as a handicap, and the subsequent series came along in stunning full colour. Best of all for the casual collector was the absence of 'Chase' cards in the first two series - I don't want to get stuck with 5,000,000 spare cards just to get that one card printed on glittery paper, but I might be tempted to do so. There were chase cards in the final series but, apart from the autographed Patrick Macnee card, each box contained a full set of these glossy little treats and the chance to send off for a further three.

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Promotional 'sell sheet' for Series Two: The Avengers in Color

Series One: The Avengers

Series Two: The Avengers in Color

Series Three: The Avengers Return

The Making of the Avengers Cards by Walter Rowan.