The Avengers Dead Duck


The Strictly Ink cards were a longtime coming, but now that they are here they are on their way to becoming a perennial favourite for Avengers fans. The basic set is made up of one hundred cards, and each retail box has been carefully packed to include at least one set. The main surprise (for me at least) was that the first set concentrated on the Dr. David Keel and Mrs. Cathy Gale season (albeit with a few Emma and Tara shots). From these, murky black and white VT, years a range of delightful, clear, pictures have been supplied, including some 'behind-the-scenes' shots.

There are a number of extras and variants, including some very desirable autograph cards to consider if you like such things, but these sets can be enjoyed with or without them.

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Limited Edition Series One Avengers Cards Binder

Series One

Series Two

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