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Series One: The Avengers - Promos

A0.  "WE DID IT! Cornerstone expresses its most sincere thanks to all those who made The Avengers possible, including (but not limited to): Dave Rogers, Patrick Macnee, Diana Rigg and Linda Thorson, John Herron at the MAC Archives, Chris Blue and Tom McCarty at Capital City, and the folks at Collated Products.

A1.  "Professional and Amateur.  "Extraordinary Crimes against the people and the state need to be avenged by agents extraordinary.  Two such people are John Steed, top professional, and his partner, Emma Peel, talented amateur - otherwise known as..."

A2.  "He likes his tea stirred anti-clockwise".  Diana Rigg and Linda Thorson rehearse the conclusion of "The Forget-Me-Knot" in which Mrs. Peel departs the series and Tara King takes over as Steed's new partner.

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A4.  "Mantha - We're Needed"?
John Steed's second female partner was going to be called Samantha ("Mantha"), but became Emma Peel (as in "man appeal" or "m-appeal") at the suggestion of press officer Marie Cameron.

A5.  Mrs. Peel Sees the Light.
An astronomer has died in a mysterious fashion.  Was he done in by a death ray, or by something more mundane but equally deadly?  "From Venus With Love" was the very first colour episode.

A6.  A Sight for Sore Eyes.
Dubious of ****'s claim that the Earth is being invaded by Venusians, Mrs. Peel's investigations have brought her too close to the truth.  Just as she is about to become the next victim of the secret laser weapon... It's Steed to the rescue!

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Dear Collector:
Thanks for taking the time to write to us about The Avengers.  There are 81 black and white cards in a set.  While we do not sell sets or individual cards, the cards are available wholesale in minimum orders of one case (12 boxes per case, 36 packs per box, 10 cards per pack) directly from us at (602) 722-1304 or (602) 321-0182 fax.

Dear Collector:
Thanks for taking the time out to write to us about our first set of Avengers trading cards.  Here at Cornerstone Communications, we believe that feedback from our customers is one of our most valuable tools in creating products of the highest quality and desirability.  We will do our best to see that your suggestions are considered in the production of our next series.

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