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Chapeau Melon et Bottes de Cuir by Alain Carrazé and Jean-Luc Putheaud
(Published 1990 by Editions Huitieme Art, 200ish pages, no price is indicated on the cover.  Hardcover).

Ruminations by/interviews with Patrick Macnee, Diana Rigg, Linda Thorson, Grant Morrison, Dave Rogers, David Fakrikian, Christophe Casa-Zza and François Rivière.  Episode Guide to all seven seasons and The New Avengers, including detailed looks at 11 episodes.  Short essays on Brian Clemens, A Glimpse Behind The Scenes, The Lead Actors, The Vehicles, A Tribute to Avengers fashion and Directors and Guest Stars

Unique Selling Point:
The 250 photographs published in a hard-backed format.

The first 1827 copies of this book were part of a numbered, limited edition and included a numbered photographical plate (see below right).  There were also, "En outre, 100 exemplaires hors commerce ont été marqués HC 1 à 100", but I'm not sure what that translates as!!  Oh, and before you ask - the autographs were added later: it's a long story, but the basic reason is that I have a lovely 60s Batman soundtrack LP that has been ruined by Adam West adding his scrawl to it in gruesome gold ink, so I wanted something that could be ruined by Diana Rigg (nice and restrained biro, thank god) and Patrick Macnee (a felt tipped pen that looks like he had been cropping it with his teeth) rather than compromising something aesthetically pleasing in its own right like an annual or a jigsaw.

For those delicious few years that I had this book before it was translated into English (as The Avengers Companion), this looked to me to be the perfect Avengers book - hardcover format, exquisitely reproduced photographs and limited edition.  It just seemed natural that the words between the pictures would have something to say beyond the usual platitudes.  How wrong I was - this book functions best in this edition because, with my terrible grasp of the French language, I can't read the boring boring text.  The Avengers equivalent of those Japanese Gerry Anderson books that have lots and lots of lovely photos and lots and lots of Japanese text - impenetrable but delicious because of it.

Chapeau Melon et Bottes de Cuir by Alain Carrazé and Jean-Luc Putheaud, 1990

The photographic plate that came with the first 1827 copies.

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