The Avengers - Dead Duck


Issue Three


  • Of Nauts and Men. Andrew Pixley. Two pages. A Cybernauts vs. Cybermen compare and contrast.
  • What The Butler Saw. Ian Fryer. Four pages. 'The Cybernauts' and 'Return Of The Cybernauts' picked over.
  • The Killing Machines. Mike Richardson. Two pages. A look at 'the various mechanical killers' seen in The Avengers.
  • CI5: A Bizarre Supplement: The Men From CI5. Author Unknown. Two pages. Gordon Jackson profiled.
  • Dead Man's Treasure. Michael Richardson. Three pages. The history of The Avengers Treasure Hunt.
  • Cyberminds. Chris Bentley and Ian Fryer. Two pages. The careers of Michael Gough, Frederick Jaeger, Peter Cushing and Robert Lang are looked at.
  • The New Avengers Video Guide. Author unknown, but probably Chris Bentley. Two and a half pages. A look at 'The Last Of The Cybernauts...??'
  • The Cyber Files. Anne Dempsey and Chris Bentley. Three pages. The Cybernauts in print.

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