The Avengers - Dead Duck


Issue One
July 1990.

Cover of Bizarre Issue One


  • Dressed To Kill. Neil Swain. One page. A look at the character of Cathy Gale.
  • Man Appeal. Michael Richardson. Three pages. A look at Emma Peel and Diana Rigg.
  • What The Butler Saw. Ian Fryer. Two pages. 'The Town Of No Return' picked over.
  • CI5: A Bizarre Supplement: Beginner's Luck. Ian Fryer. Two pages. A look at The New Avengers episode 'Obsession'.
  • Backtrack: Klansmen . Ronnie D. Beaumont. One page. A look at The Professionals episode.
  • The New Avengers Video Guide. Chris Bentley and Kath Staton. Six pages. A look at the first Channel Five New Avengers release which contained the episodes 'Faces' and 'Target!'.
  • Brought To Book. Chris Bentley and Ronnie D. Beaumont. One page. Reviews of 'Stare Back and Smile' and 'Blind In One Ear'.

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