The Avengers - Dead Duck


Stay Tuned
Volume One Issue Four


  • Mrs Gale, We're Needed (To give British TV a Kick Up The Rump). Dave Rogers. Ten pages. The tortuous route of the Honor Blackman repeat seasons on Channel Four and A&E.
  • Read All About It. The Avengers Are Back. Dave Rogers. Two pages. How the Dave Rogers / John Peel 'Too Many Targets' paperback came to be written.
  • The Avengers: Strip For Action. Dave Rogers. Four pages. Very brief overview of past Avengers comic strips acts as an introduction to the about-to-be published Eclipse 'Steed and Mrs. Peel' comic book.
  • It's So Nice To See You. Dave Rogers. Ten pages. Linda Thorson Q&A session from Visions 90 TV Convention.

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