The Avengers - Dead Duck


Stay Tuned
Volume One Issue Two


  • Year One: Hendry Update. Dave Rogers. Five pages. A precis of 'Brought To Book', the second episode of the series.
  • A New Direction: Enter Cathy Gale. Dave Rogers. Twelve pages. A look at the evolution of the show between the end of Season One and the broadcast of the first Cathy Gale episode.
  • Mrs. Peel You're Still Needed. Fletcher C. Chan. Four pages. Reprint of a piece from The Ryder Magazine #74, June 1986 about repeats of the Emma Peel episodes of the show.
  • Look, Stop Me If You've Read This, But... Graham P. Williams. Three pages. Regular opinion column.
  • Curry A La Carte. Stephen & Joy Curry. Four pages. Regular information on the current activities of various Avengers luminaries.
  • Motoring: Avengers Style. Geoff Barlow. Three pages. A look at the vehicles used in the show by Emma Peel.

    Stay Tuned Vol 1 Issue 3